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Located in the heart of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe could well be Africa’s last untouched safari destination. Several natural wonders are spread across the landlocked region, with the most famous being the majestic Victoria Falls in the north-west corner of the country. A short trip from Victoria Falls introduces explorers to Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest national park covering 14 500km2 being roughly half the size of Belgium! The Park is renowned for hosting an incredible 45 000 elephants and has a spectacular range of wildlife including lions, antelopes, wild dogs and so much more. Further downstream from Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River continues eastward separating Zimbabwe and Zambia before flowing into Lake Kariba, the world’s largest man-made lake by volume. This immense body of fresh water stretches for more than 280km and is teeming with tiger fish, crocodiles, and birdlife. The Lake’s grassy shoreline attracts a large population of antelopes and predators, with Matusadona National Park being the premium lakeside safari destination. The Zambezi River spills through the Kariba Dam Wall and continues eastward before flowing through an isolated valley sheltered by steep escarpments on both sides of the river. This dramatic valley is bursting with wildlife, with the incredible Mana Pools National Park found on the southern banks of the river. Beyond the Zambezi River, Zimbabwe has several distinct landscapes including the Matopos Hills, Eastern Highlands and the Great Zimbabwe ruins dating back to the 11 th century.

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