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Melissa Kemp

Melissa Kemp

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Melissa Kemp

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Lead Writer & Digital Nomad

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Meet Melissa Kemp, a gifted writer and digital marketing aficionado with a deep love for Africa, the great outdoors, and an exceptional cup of coffee. Growing up in the small farming district of Nyamandlovu, Melissa later spent 12 years in South Africa after finishing her schooling. Melissa's educational background includes a BA in Journalism, earned in 2013, and an LLB, attained in 2018, both from the esteemed University of Pretoria. One of her greatest passions is writing about travel and hospitality, particularly within the African continent, allowing her to showcase her love for her roots.

Throughout her career, Melissa has collaborated with an eclectic mix of clients across various industries. Her portfolio spans online and print content for brands in the safety, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and lifestyle sectors. As a technical writer, Melissa prides herself on crafting engaging and informative content that captivates her audience. As one half of the Zenbox Digital partnership, Melissa is instrumental in developing curated and effective digital marketing strategies tailored to Zimbabwe's growing market. Embracing the flexibility and freedom offered by the digital realm, Melissa thrives as a remote-work nomad. This lifestyle enables her to immerse herself in new experiences and cultures while continuing to excel in her career.

With her unique blend of skills and enthusiasm, Melissa's contributions to the world of writing and digital marketing are both innovative and inspiring, making her a force to be reckoned with in her field.