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Baye Pigors

Baye Pigors

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Baye Pigors

Primate Conservationist

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Growing up in Africa, Baye always had a backyard full of orphaned wildlife. In 2013, Baye received an orphaned baby baboon - who was promptly named “Umfazi”. Upon receiving Umfazi, Baye realised that there was no facility or organization in Zimbabwe that was geared towards the rehabilitation of primates with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.

Baye made Umfazi a promise, that one day she would be returned to the wild and be given the chance to be a free baboon again. That promise was the beginning of an incredible and heart-warming journey. For the next several months Baye spent her time visiting sanctuaries throughout Southern Africa where she researched rehabilitation methods for primates and other wild animals. Upon her return, Free To Be Wild Sanctuary was founded and programs for the rehabilitation and release of both monkeys and baboons were established.


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Zimbabwe Volunteer Experience

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