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Our Story

We’re on a mission to share Africa’s travel and conservation stories.

Safari Culture began in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe as the global pandemic brought the world to a standstill and devastated our local travel industry. We witnessed the fragility of tourism dependent communities and conservation efforts across Africa and knew something needed to change. We then came together to do our part and contribute to the only place we call home, Africa!

Travelling this vast continent has always been regarded as a transformative experience due to its culture, wildlife and iconic landscapes. Furthermore, sustainable tourism has a massive impact in driving the protection of Africa’s natural resources and preserving them for our future generations. However, false narratives are still promoted and persist to this day with Africa at best only having a small 5% share of global travel. Thus, our travel media platform was born to amplify Africa’s voices and share its travel and conservation stories with you. This is only the beginning, and we hope you’re ready to come on this journey with us!

Our Founders

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TK Furusa

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Takunda Keith Furusa, originally from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, has embedded his passion and creativity into developing a brand that adds value and gives back to his community. He sets the vision and strategy for the brand. He holds a BA Law, LLB from the University of Pretoria.

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Victor Janhi

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Victor Janhi, originally from Bindura, Zimbabwe, discovered his passion for coding at a young age, teaching himself the ropes. He is the driving force behind developing and managing our technology. He holds a BSc in Computer Science & Business Computing from the University of Cape Town.

Our Culture


We will use our voice to protect Africa’s resources for future generations. We strive to have a positive impact on the environment, wildlife and our communities.


Openness and Transparency guide our decision making. We will always differentiate between our independent voice and the voices of our partners.


We share stories that bring people together and shine a spotlight on the excluded voices of Africa.


We are innovators and always look to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Sometimes we will fail and that’s okay, it’s the best way to learn.


We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for the stories we share. We never hide and will always acknowledge our mistakes.


We are an open community of Africa’s experts and explorers that help each other thrive, personally and professionally.