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Silvana Olivo

Silvana Olivo

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Silvana Olivo

Conservationist & Writer

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Silvana is an Italian-South African freelance writer based in France. Thirty years ago she lived between Italy and Zimbabwe raising funds for the Parks game rangers engaged on the frontlines of the rhino war to save the biggest remaining wild rhino population in Africa. This is described in 'Zambezi Valley –The Lost Stronghold', her recently published book.

Since that experience, she has been a regular contributor to Italian magazines, publishing also four guidebooks on Southern Africa. While compiling her book on the San Bushmen she sourced sponsors for a bursary fund for the first San Bushmen college graduates of Namibia.

Marketing ecotourism became her profession, representing in Europe many game reserves and safari lodges. Today she raises awareness and support for endangered species through her writing, her wildlife art and creative initiatives, like the brand The Wild Charm Factory, and promotes conservation tourism linked to projects in Zimbabwe and Zambia.