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Lionel McCauley

Lionel McCauley

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Lionel McCauley

Master Brewer

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Lionel’s brewing journey began at a mere 20 years old in Alaska, where his lack of legal beer-buying abilities led him to brew his own instead. After a stint following the Grateful Dead on tour, printing and selling “Deadhead” T-shirts to finance his excursions, he eventually took on a real job becoming a literature teacher for 19 years, whilst honing his brewing skills across the world and finally ending up in Zimbabwe. 

Upon arrival, Lionel founded the Miombo Craft Beer Club, cultivating a thirsty community of beer enthusiasts in Harare. This forced him to leave the textbooks behind and head to Victoria Falls to partner in the creation of The River Brewing Company, where he serves as the Master Brewer. With a penchant for experimentation and a love for adventure, he quickly began to infuse his brews with indigenous wild plants, creating unique ales that became regional hits!

The River Brewing Company has become a hub for creativity and community with initiatives like #ZimInAGlass showcasing Zimbabwe's local music and artists. Lionel delights in collaborating and bolstering the local craft beer scene, ensuring that every sip reflects the rich culture and beauty of his adopted homeland.