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Hi! Greetings from all of us here at Tuk South productions (Robbie, Josh, Jasper, Ivo & Ty). A group of 5 mates who have somehow found ourselves driving two tuk-tuks on a seemingly never ending mission through Africa. Having spent time making videos in some of Kenya’s incredible wild spaces we realized the people protecting these spaces were struggling. The Rangers. These heroes help maintain the balance between communities and wildlife but as the tourism industry has taken a hit due to the pandemic, so has their funding.

Armed with only filming equipment and a microphone, how could we help? The answer was clear. Spend the last of our savings on two tuk-tuks, cover them in sponsorship stickers and drive from Kenya to Cape Town in these ridiculous machines. Raise money for wildlife rangers and tell cool stories along the way. We have racked up over 10,000km dragging our three wheeled wagons to the base of volcanoes, into vast deserts and along the shores of some of Africa's most breath-taking lakes. It's not been the smoothest of rides, but we don't want life to be easy, we want it to be fun.