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New Additions, Luxury Enhancements, and Unforgettable Experiences at Chikunto Safaris


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Chikunto Safaris | Exciting Additions and Unforgettable Experiences in the Valley of the Leopard

Setting the Stage for Adventure at Chikunto Safaris

Nestled within the breathtaking expanse of the Valley of the Leopard, Chikunto Safaris invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey that combines luxury, wildlife, and conservation. With a legacy rooted in innovation since its inception in 2019, Chikunto Safaris continues to redefine the safari experience. From the lush landscapes to the captivating wildlife, every moment spent here is an ode to the allure of the African wilderness. Chikunto Safaris isn’t just a destination; it’s a platform for the extraordinary. Paint the canvas of your adventure with a vibrant tapestry of new additions, sustainable practices, and tailor-made experiences that cater to every traveller’s soul.

Year’s of Growth and Innovation

As we reflect on Chikunto Safaris’ journey since its establishment in 2018, a vivid tapestry of growth and innovation unfurls. With each passing year, their commitment to delivering novel and exhilarating experiences has remained unwavering. From the outset, they’ve aimed to rewrite the narrative of safari adventures in the Valley of the Leopard. Chikunto’s inaugural year marked the inception of a vision that continues to evolve, adapt, and enchant. With a pioneering spirit, continuously introducing fresh perspectives and remarkable enhancements, transforming mere trips into captivating narratives. This chapter of growth and innovation is a testament to the Chikunto Teams dedication to meeting and exceeding expectations as they continually strive to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of luxury travel and wildlife encounters.

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Evolution of Excellence: Chikunto Safaris Since 2019

From its inception in April 2018, Chikunto Safaris has been on an unwavering quest to redefine the quintessential African safari experience. Guided by visionary creators Jens and Regula Kant, Gareth Jones, and Josephat, the lodge has become a beacon of conservation, hospitality, and luxury. The essence of Chikunto resonates with every team member, from the expert guides with their encyclopedic knowledge of flora and fauna to the dedicated staff who ensure an unforgettable stay.

Chikunto’s Ongoing Commitment to Guest Satisfaction

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The new additions and enhancements at Chikunto epitomize their unyielding dedication to guest satisfaction. Each carefully curated upgrade is a testament to provide not just a getaway but an immersive escape into the heart of the African wilderness. From the comfortable and practical new boat, with its couples’ seat perched up on the roof, guiding you through the breath-taking Emerald Season, to the ethereal Starlit Sleep Out & Stargazing Platform that promises a night under the African constellations falling asleep to the sounds of the African bush.

The Chikunto Boat: Navigating the 2024 Emerald Season

Immerse yourself in the enchanting emerald season from February to May aboard the Chikunto Boat. As water levels rise, this innovative addition allows guests to explore the vibrant ecosystem from a unique perspective. Traverse the Luangwa River, home to hippo and crocodile, and discover the ever-changing landscape of South Luangwa, combining the thrill of more traditional land-based game drives in the morning with the magic of an afternoon water-based game drive and sundowner (use of the boat is subject to water levels).

Beyond Boundaries: Discover the Chikunto Waterhole and Luangwa River

Set your sights on the Chikunto Waterhole and the pristine Luangwa River. These vital water sources attract an array of wildlife, offering captivating viewing opportunities. Observe families of elephants crossing the river and drinking from the waterhole directly in front of our main deck and swimming pool. You can also witness the Thornicroft Giraffe, a species endemic to South Luangwa, counter-intuitively graceful and ungainly as they lower themselves to drink from the waterhole.

Plans are afoot for a new Hide in front of the waterhole, designed to provide you with intimate ground-level viewing and photographic opportunities of the area’s wide range of animal and bird life interactions.

Starlit Wonders: The Elevated Sleep Out & Stargazing Platform

Journey to new heights with the Elevated Sleep Out and Stargazing Platform. The Deluxe Combination Suite is directly linked by a private walkway to the platform, nestled six meters above the ground and complete with its own private shower and toilet facilities, offering panoramic views of the Luangwa River and an uninterrupted view of the African night sky. Experience an intimate connection with the wilderness, dine under the stars, and fall asleep in comfort to the symphony of the bush.

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The Heart of Hospitality

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At Chikunto Safaris, we believe the heart of hospitality lies in a dedication to staff development and empowerment

Chikunto Safaris isn’t just a lodge; it’s a family united by a passion for nature, conservation, and genuine hospitality. The staff’s dedication, enjoyment, and pride shine through in every aspect of the guest experience. Local villagers, integral to the lodge’s creation, continue to play a vital role, contributing to a deep connection between the lodge and the community.

Building Bridges Through Our Connection with Local Community and Conservation

The symbiotic relationship between Chikunto Safaris and the local community forms the foundation of sustainable conservation efforts.The lodge’s commitment to education and empowerment extends beyond its boundaries, fostering a brighter future for both wildlife and the people of the Mfuwe area. This even extends to supporting the local football club, Malambo United FC.

Eco-Friendly Luxury and Sustainability

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Green Pathways: Chikunto Safaris’ Eco-Conscious Initiatives

Chikunto Safaris continually takes strides towards a greener future, embracing eco-conscious practices that preserve the pristine environment of South Luangwa. Powered by solar energy, the lodge minimizes its footprint while maximizing guest comfort. For the 2024 season, they are looking into purchasing a custom-built all-electric long wheelbase Landrover, enabling guests and photographers to enjoy a ‘Silent Safari’ and to experience even more intimate connections with the animals and the birds. The ongoing commitment to sustainable luxury ensures that every moment spent at Chikunto contributes to preserving the land and its inhabitants.

Forward Horizons: Chikunto’s Next Chapter in Safari Innovation

As the sun sets on this remarkable year of growth, Chikunto Safaris gazes forward with excitement and anticipation. The lodge’s commitment to excellence continues to drive innovation, with Chikunto becoming one of the first properties in Zambia to install Starlink broadband, allowing guests to enjoy the remoteness of the African bush whilst at the same time retaining some connection with the ‘outside’ world. The future promises even more captivating encounters and unforgettable experiences for future guests.

Chikunto Safaris: The Perfect Experience for Every Traveler

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Chikunto Safaris is a haven for those who crave a deeper connection with the wild. For repeat safari-goers, the lodge’s expert guides unveil hidden wonders, while South Luangwa National Park’s unparalleled biodiversity awaits exploration. First-time adventurers find their spirits ignited by Chikunto’s warm hospitality and diverse activities. Pair your safari with a journey to the iconic Victoria Falls, a testament to the grandeur of nature. Celebrate love amidst the beauty of the wild. Chikunto Safaris crafts romantic trips, offering newlyweds the perfect blend of luxury, seclusion, and heart-pounding wildlife encounters.

For those who yearn to tick Africa off their bucket list, Chikunto Safaris presents an unmatched safari experience. Encounter the Big Five, traverse the untamed wilderness, and create stories you can tell for generations. Chikunto Safaris welcomes families into its embrace, offering experiences that deepen familial bonds. From exciting game drives to cultural village tours, every moment is an opportunity to learn, connect, and marvel at the beauty of nature. Special interest groups find a home at Chikunto Safaris, where tailored experiences await. From photography enthusiasts capturing the wild’s majesty to nature lovers seeking immersive journeys, Chikunto’s flexibility ensures that every group’s unique needs are met. With a total of 5 Tented Suites, including one 2-bedroomed Family Suite, the Deluxe Combination Sleep Out and Stargazing Suite, and two Guide Rooms, there is always a feeling of intimacy on site. Any stay at Chikunto Safaris leaves you with a fantastic sense of having your own personal piece of the African bush.

Your Safari Awaits: Embark on a Journey with Chikunto Safaris

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Let South Luangwa National Park’s unmatched landscapes and starlit nights become the backdrop to your journey.