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Chef Simba Musiyiwa | Elevating Zimbabwean Cuisine


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Unveiling Culinary Excellence: Chef Simba Musiyiwa’s New Store

Chef Simba’s Culinary Journey

The most striking thing about Chef Simba Musiyiwa upon first meeting him is his openness. He is a humble man, passionate about his craft and confident in his ability. He should be, he has cooked for the likes of Shakira and Gabriel Union. Now, returning to his roots, Simba is on a mission to revolutionise the Zimbabwean food scene.

Background and Early Influences

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From a very early age, Simba had an affinity for cooking. He describes his Mum as an amazing home cook and inspiration. He watched her closely in the kitchen, luckily interested in more than just the eating at the end, unlike most young men.

Culinary Education and Training

When Simba finished school, pursuing his culinary diploma was a natural progression. His early career involved a stint in Cape Town and worked for Singita, a group of five-star lodges. He later ventured into East Africa, where he worked for the Four Seasons. Simba’s experience throughout Africa has shaped his culinary style and perspective.

Chef Simba: “We all live in Africa, but you forget how big it is and the different countries, cultures, and cuisines. You cross the border, and the food and things they love in their cuisine are completely different.”

Coming home to Zimbabwe had a two-pronged motivation for Simba. He wanted to set up a business and contribute to elevating Zimbabwe’s culinary experience. He believes we are behind many other African countries and “we’ve got to start somewhere”.

The Importance of Mentorship

When asked about influential figures in his career, Chef Simba enthusiastically spoke of Curtis, a Caribbean chef who was his head chef during his time at the Four Seasons. Curtis and the general manager of the Mott’s in Cody played pivotal roles as mentors. They taught him about cooking and imparted crucial management skills and life lessons. Reflecting on their impact, Chef Simba emphasised how these mentors provided him with the guidance he needed during his early career, profoundly shaping his growth. He expressed a desire to pay it forward, aspiring to mentor young individuals searching for their path in the culinary world.

Signature Style and Unique Offerings

Chef Simba’s culinary philosophy is a testament to the power of fusion and adaptation. Recognising the global challenges that resonate everywhere, he believes that growth in Africa, Zimbabwe included, hinges on the infusion of diverse ideas. Drawing inspiration from his experiences, Simba masterfully combines the essence of French cuisine with distinct African elements, such as the enriching Baobab. His creativity thrives in reinvention rather than replication, seeking to create something uniquely his own. This approach mirrors his culinary background, firmly rooted in Western techniques but now adorned with a distinct Zimbabwean flair. Simba’s artistry lies in crafting dishes that bridge familiarity with the exotic, inviting diners on a journey of taste that is simultaneously comforting and adventurous.

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Exploring Chef Simba’s Distinctive Culinary Creations

As Chef Simba steers his culinary journey, he’s currently in an experimental phase at the bakery, toying with various flavours and textures. With just two months under its belt, the bakery has been a playground for creative exploration. As the rainy season approaches, Chef Simba eagerly anticipates the bounty of indigenous ingredients it will bring, igniting a surge of inspiration. While he humbly admits that no dish can yet be deemed a “signature,” he is resolute in his commitment to forge culinary originals in the coming months. Rather than taking the easy path of imitation, Simba envisions pushing boundaries and elevating the standards of Zimbabwean cuisine. He recognises the importance of maintaining an upward trajectory in innovation, acknowledging that complacency is the enemy of progress. The bakery, with its miniature desserts and exquisite presentations, is already a testament to this vision. Chef Simba’s quest for distinctive creations in this evolving landscape is bound to yield extraordinary results.

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A display of freshly baked bread loaves at Chef Simba's bakery, exuding a golden crust and a tantalising aroma, inviting customers to savour the artisanal goodness.

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Chef Simba’s culinary philosophy is driven by a desire to continually astonish his clients. The joyous expressions on their faces when they encounter something familiar yet exquisitely reimagined, or the intrigued curiosity when presented with a new and enticing creation, fuels his passion. The magic lies in those moments when a single bite can transport someone into a realm of sheer delight. He recounts a touching encounter with a Belgian couple, owners of a farm in Zambia, who savoured his Danish pastries with sheer joy. It was a simple yet profound connection forged through the art of food. This experience reaffirmed Simba’s belief in the profound ability of food to evoke emotion and foster bonds. His pursuit of culinary excellence is not just about chasing perfection but crafting moments that leave an indelible mark on those who partake in his creations.

The Genesis of Simba’s Bakery

Nestled in the heart of Victoria Falls, Simba’s Bakery emerged from a vision steeped in culinary passion and a fervent desire to elevate the local gastronomic scene. Chef Simba Musiyiwa, with his extensive culinary background, embarked on this venture to craft a haven of delectable delights that would captivate both locals and travellers alike. The bakery, now in its nascent stage, already exudes an air of creativity and innovation, promising to be a cornerstone of Victoria Falls’ culinary landscape.

From Vision to Reality

Simba’s Bakery is more than a mere business endeavour; it is a labour of love that stems from Chef Simba’s deep-rooted commitment to his craft. Each recipe and creation is a testament to his dedication to perfecting the art of baking. The aroma of freshly baked pastries and the sight of meticulously crafted desserts have quickly become a signature of this establishment, welcoming patrons into a world of culinary wonder.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Potential

Simba acknowledges the challenges of operating in a small Zimbabwean town, even one as vibrant as Victoria Falls. However, he views these hurdles as opportunities for innovation and growth. The diverse demographics of visitors, each with their own culinary preferences and cultural backgrounds, provide a unique platform to experiment with flavours and styles. Simba’s Bakery is not just a place for delectable treats; it’s a testament to the rich potential within the community to embrace and celebrate culinary excellence.

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Culinary Adventures and Unique Experiences

Simba’s Bakery is more than a mere confectionery; it’s a hub of culinary exploration and immersive experiences. Chef Simba envisions a space where patrons can savour delightful pastries and partake in a rich tapestry of activities. From interactive cooking classes to special events, Simba aims to push the boundaries of the traditional bakery. This innovative approach promises to make the bakery a five-minute escape that captivates the senses and invigorates the community.

Personalized Culinary Events

Chef Simba is determined to set a new standard in Victoria Falls’ culinary scene. Drawing from his extensive experience as a chef, he plans to curate memorable dining experiences that reflect his unique personality and expertise. From intimate dinners to lively gatherings, each event will be carefully designed to offer guests an unforgettable taste of Simba’s culinary artistry. The goal is to provide a platform where locals and visitors alike can come together, share a meal, and forge lasting connections.

Elevating the Artisanal Bakery Experience

At Simba’s Bakery, quality and authenticity reign supreme. Chef Simba is committed to craftsmanship, eschewing mass production and favouring artisanal methods. The bakery prides itself on producing diverse treats, from delectable pastries to mouthwatering pies. With a focus on using premium ingredients and avoiding unnecessary additives, Simba ensures that each bite carries the essence of handcrafted excellence. This dedication to the artisanal approach distinguishes Simba’s Bakery from larger-scale operations, providing every visitor with a genuine and wholesome experience.

Embracing Tradition in a Modern Context

Simba’s Bakery is a beacon of tradition in a world where convenience often trumps authenticity. Chef Simba understands the importance of honouring time-honoured baking techniques while infusing them with a modern twist. By carefully selecting ingredients and using time-tested methods, the bakery crafts treats that resonate with both locals and travellers. This deliberate approach results in a menu that showcases the best of both worlds, marrying heritage with innovation for a truly exceptional culinary experience.

A Taste of Excellence

In Chef Simba’s culinary universe, every creation is more than a dish; it’s a journey, a story, a testament to the power of discovery. Simba’s Bakery is not just a place to procure delectable treats; it’s an experience that educates and enthrals. Each item on display is meticulously curated, every detail carefully considered, with the aim of not only satisfying taste buds but also kindling a sense of nostalgia and wonder. Simba’s vision transcends the transactional; it seeks to foster a genuine connection between patron and product, where flavours become memories and stories. As he navigates the challenges and joys of his culinary venture, Simba’s commitment to excellence remains unwavering. It’s not about replicating a model but crafting an authentic, scalable, and enriching experience. For Chef Simba, the rewards are not solely in the product but in the continuous journey of growth and learning, where every day brings new challenges, new flavours, and new opportunities to leave a lasting mark on the palates and hearts of his community.