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Shaun McMinn

Shaun McMinn

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Shaun McMinn

Filmmaker & Photographer

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My passion for photography started in my family with my brother, teaching me to use a simple camera at 13 years old… From hobby to full time profession, I went on to study journalism and filmmaking in South Africa and have taken my camera and love for this medium around the world.

I work with Africa’s most luxurious safari lodges, boutique hotels and safari operators offering a full scope of photography, drone work and videography. These opportunities have offered me the very rare privilege of exploring Africa’s most prolific wildlife and birdlife areas. Which continue to inspire me to hone my craft and teach others to find the joy in this medium of art.

I began African-Eye in 2017 focusing on the promotional aspects of African based photography as well as leading private photographic trips. This has led to lasting friendships and repeat guests, always with their hearts drawn to nature and mastering their new skills. I work in parallel with conservation, communities and organisations that ensure the longevity of the true wilderness areas of Africa. I hope to be able to show you Africa, and your own potential to capture this ever-evolving natural world that I call home.