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Kerrith O'Fee

Kerrith O'Fee

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Kerrith O'Fee

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With a background in Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Yoga and Mindfulness, I am a passionate advocate for holistic wellbeing, stress management and encouraging a mindful lifestyle. Based in the beautiful Zambezi river-side city of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, I help people achieve a life filled with health and personal wholeness whilst immersing them in the pristine environment of the wild African Bush.

Within the post-covid era, I am here to support travellers through the health conscious travel sector of Wellness Tourism. I lead a range of bespoke wellness retreats and safari experiences that provide an escape from the stresses of day-to-day life, whilst integrating yoga and holistic wellness education.

In addition to my passions for wellness management, I am an avid conservationist working to assist in preserving our wildlife and natural heritage for future generations. To find out more about my work in Wellness Tourism and contributions to conservation through yoga, check out Victoria Falls Yoga to read all about what we do!