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James Salim

James Salim

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James Salim


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As a videographer I want my videos to imagine a bold and exciting world, one in which the subject stands out and shines. Viewers need to be transported, and my videos achieve that through careful compositions of colour and tone.

Videography has the power to bring a creative brief to life and make the subject part of a story. I recognized this from the beginning when I took my first YouTube tutorial, as I couldn’t afford filming school. I then sharpened my skills as an apprentice in Bulawayo to a professional videographer bringing my passion and keen artistic eye to every project.

Years swept by and I found my myself in Victoria Falls as a seasoned wedding cinematographer and videographer shepherding briefs to concepts to product shoots and finally deliverables. The other part of my life revolves around my family, especially my kids. I want them to see how vital creativity and discovery are to a complete life.