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Shelley Cox

Shelley Cox

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Shelley Cox

Writer, Conservationist & Safari Specialist

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Shelley, a proud Zimbabwean, has an unwavering passion for her homeland and the broader African continent, embracing its wildlife, diverse landscapes, and vibrant people. Graduating from Rhodes University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Journalism and a Psychology major, she embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom in 2007, seeking international exposure and business acumen in Strategic Relationships Development and Human Resources.

In 2009, fate intervened as Shelley crossed paths with fellow Zimbabwean Conrad Mwanza in London, leading to the creation of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards, a platform celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of Zimbabweans worldwide. However, Shelley's heart yearned for home, prompting her return to Zimbabwe to pursue her passion in tourism and conservation. From African Bush Camps to Great Plains Conservation, and eventually founding her own travel company in 2018, Shelley focused on integrating tourism, conservation, and community development.

Shelley serves as a consultant and coordinator for the We Are Victoria Falls initiative, facilitating a Destination Management Partnership to advance Zimbabwe's tourism sector. Additionally, she contributes as an Advisory Board Member to the Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe and collaborates closely with various conservation organizations. Shelley ardently believes in collaborative efforts for sustainable tourism and strongly advocates for collective efforts to preserve our natural heritage for future generations.