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Shaun Read

Shaun Read

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Shaun Read

Conservationist & Photographer

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Having spent most of my childhood in the bush, I have had a long standing passion for wildlife and conservation. After high school, I dedicated a few years giving back to Africa and assisted with several conservation projects involved in anti-poaching, lion research and reducing human wildlife conflict.

After completing my Degree in Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Oxford Brookes University in 2020, I returned home in the midst of the pandemic to find poaching incidents had increased significantly due to the economic implications of COVID-19. Feeling I needed to do more for conservation, I set up the Wildlife Initiative Trust Africa to reduce poaching by bringing the first K9 anti-poaching reaction unit to Victoria Falls and collaborating with like minded NGOs.

In addition to this, I enjoy observing nature through the lens of my camera. By capturing magical moments and sharing them with the world through fine art photography. I hope to raise awareness about the beautiful natural heritage Zimbabwe has to offer and the importance of preserving it for future generations.