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Chizarira National Park | Your Gateway to Zimbabwe’s Hidden Wilderness


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Discover Chizarira – Our Exciting 2023/2024 Project

Promoting Ethical Tourism in Southern Africa with Umdingi Safaris

The Tourism industry in Southern Africa is booming. People from all walks of life dream of one day visiting the region, whether as a first-timer or a veteran. And they all want to experience the grandeur that Africa has to offer. However, we need to focus more than ever on promoting ethical tourism. Africa is beautiful and must be preserved – from the majestic wildlife to the local communities – so we want to help our customers experience both sustainably.

Sustainable Conservation is A Vital Safari Imperative

Sustainable and ethical conservation is the most crucial consideration in the safari world currently, and visitors and destinations need to work together to make it a reality. The conflict between wildlife and rural communities on the African continent is an ongoing struggle, and there is a massive push from most safari operators to work with these communities so that tourism benefits both parties and continues to be sustainable.

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Continual Conservation Enhancement

We are thrilled to share our ambitious project for 2023 and beyond! With extensive experience in Hwange and the Zambezi National Parks, we carefully considered how to enhance these natural treasures. However, our hearts have always held a special place for Chizarira. Just two years ago, we spent a few unforgettable nights there, captivated by its beauty. Although we only encountered six species of animals during that visit, we sensed that the park harboured untapped potential.

An Overview of Chizarira

Nestled in the northwestern corner of Zimbabwe, Chizarira National Park is a testament to nature’s grandeur. It spans over 1,900 square kilometres and is a sanctuary of rugged landscapes, hidden gorges, and diverse ecosystems. Named after the Chizarira plateau, which dominates its skyline, the park is a haven for flora and fauna.

Biodiversity and Wildlife

Chizarira boasts a rich tapestry of biodiversity. From elusive leopards to herds of majestic elephants, the park is home to an array of wildlife. Visitors can encounter over 60 mammal species, including the iconic African lion and the endangered African wild dog. Additionally, Chizarira is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 350 avian species gracing its skies.

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“Home of the Hidden Gorges”

What sets Chizarira apart is its extraordinary topography. Dubbed the “Home of the Hidden Gorges,” the park is a landscape of dramatic escarpments, plunging valleys, and meandering rivers. Guided walks through this rugged terrain offer a glimpse into a world rarely seen, with opportunities for awe-inspiring views of the valleys below.

Chizarira’s Remarkable Progress

Fast forward two years, and we were astounded by the progress in Chizarira. Witnessing 13 different species was awe-inspiring. Engaging with the Area Manager and the head of National Park Rescue was enlightening. Their passion for Chizarira’s future was infectious. They’ve devoted incredible effort to anti-poaching initiatives, road maintenance, campsite restoration, and overall park operations. An operational seasonal airstrip has been introduced, with plans to pave a section of the road for the first time. While the extent of the surfacing remains uncertain, even a partial upgrade will significantly reduce the current seven-hour journey. The route from Victoria Falls unveils picturesque rural Zimbabwean landscapes. We relish the opportunity to make stops, indulge in shopping for meticulously crafted wooden bowls and other local crafts, or savour a delightful picnic lunch.

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Guided Walks in “Home of the Hidden Gorges”

One of our most anticipated endeavours is exploring Zimbabwe’s fourth-largest National Park, famously known as the “Home of the Hidden Gorges.” This largely uncharted region is not easily accessible by vehicle, prompting us to prioritise guided walks in our daily activities. Half or full-day hikes through the rugged riverbeds and gorges and plateaus promise breathtaking views of valleys and flood plains below. Guests will delve into the intricacies of the local flora and fauna as we visit numerous rivers and natural springs in pursuit of wildlife, especially in the dry seasons.

A Venture Through the Busi Area

The Busi area, located a three-hour drive from our campsite, particularly piqued our enthusiasm. The journey takes us through striking and rugged hilly terrain. Regrettably, crossing the Busi River by vehicle is not feasible, so your safari walk will commence here. As you traverse the riverbed and reach the opposite bank, you’ll be immediately enveloped by the sheer beauty of nature. This lesser-known region resembles mini-Mana Pools, featuring a blend of a floodplain and a sprawling forest. The distinctive trees here yield invaluable pods, attracting a plethora of browsing and grazing game, particularly during the winter season. We utilise this area for fly camping or a full-day outing complete with picnic lunches and refreshing drinks, offering the most comfortable way to unwind in the shade, lounging in a hammock.

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The Exclusive Chizarira Tours Experience

Here’s the crux: We’re the sole tour operators in Chizarira, granting us exclusive access to this extraordinary park! We collaborate closely with National Parks and National Park Rescue to ensure a bright future for this natural gem.